Mana Manna

Mana Manna

Biowash 25
Certified Organic

Suitable for Organic Farming

May help provide the following benefits:

  • Increased root size and cation exchange, offering improved nutrient and moisture absorption
  • Increased size, weight and nutritional content of field, row & root crops, fruits, nuts, berries, vegetable, flower yields and tree growth
  • Improved golf greens, lawns, pastures, forage, etc.
  • Earlier spring harvests & extended growing seasons (Results may vary subject to soil and climate conditions and type of plant.)
  • Improved freeze & frost resistance
  • Frost-damaged plant recovery
  • Improved drought resistance
  • Post-harvest rinse may help remove toxic chemical residues from fruits & produce, neutralize ethylene and delay spoilage.
  • May help revive dying plants & trees (May speed germination)

Glucosides of corn, coconut, and sugar cane, Palm Oil Fatty Acids, water, Traces of Almond Oil, Cinnamon, Jojoba, Mint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemon Grass Oil.

Readily Bio-Degradable

Certified Carcinogen Free
Injects no carcinogens into foods. Safer for humans & animals.

Keep from children. Store in a cool place. Keep tightly sealed. Best used within 1 year of purchase.

Sizes available

  • 125 ml; $9.95
  • 250 ml; $18.95
  • 500 ml; $27.95

To Purchase

Local pick up only. This item is not shippable. After you place your order, we will deliver within Powell River.

To place order, please send an email to info@cranberryfarmproducts with ORDER all in caps in the Subject line. Specify what you’d like and the amount, and either Eva or Carol will get back to you about payment and pickup.

Alternatively, you can call 604 483 4940 to place your order with Eva.